Cd front cover skylark april 17 webTo see a thing and not have to think.

Just to see it as it is.

What weight awareness is.

Ascend. Sing.

The Skylark climbs in song

And drops to back to earth from where it sprang

A brief complex song

Mimic and triumphant

Aspire and descend

...and so I walk and escape the noise. I walk through the landscape: as moving landscape. Not barren, the paths dendritic. The Skylark climbs in song and descends to the Earth from where it sprang. Places that trigger   history within me. A place to think. And so I walk.

Skylark is a focus on a part of Bodmin moor. Giving identities and significance to features in the landscape. A walk through choice. We are the landscape, energy contained within our physical outline. As flicker of light on a mountainside, between two eternities. The wilderness isn’t a place to be afraid of. It is freedom. I place for ideas and journeys. A place for magic and enchantment. Enter the wilderness to find yourself.

“Inside this skin, I contain all life. All history of life. I am the landscape, another outcrop of the land at this moment”  Jacquetta Hawkes

The power of the word to place value and focus thought.

Skylark was recorded between June and November 2016.

Skylark Music, prose, poetry and imagery.

Available in many incarnations from May 2017

All instruments by Jon Chinn

Written and produced by Jon Chinn (Except: The other path - Jake Chinn / Jonathon Chinn & Theme to my Pagan Head Jonathon Chinn / Dave Wood)

Design and Photography: Wishing Chair

Charcoal and wax field rubbing art works: Maddie Chinn

Model for Silver Vail Photography: Dan Gunning

Recorded: Between June & November 2016 at Wishing Chair studios, Cornwall.

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