view from tregarrick tor to stowe hill april 2017 webStowe Hill from Tregarrick tor N50°30.844' W4° 28.899' ( Stowe enclosure right, Sharp tor left)

 water crows foot craddock moor may 2016Water Crow's foot, Heron Pool (N50°31.337' W4° 28.674').

conversation with a pony bandcamp a3

Conversation with a pony at Caradon Circle  (N50°31.205' W4° 28.304')

craddock circle recombant stone east may 2016 webRecumbant at Caradon Circle

 sheep skull on stone 1 craddock row may 2016


What lives under stone 23 ?  (N50°31.405' W4° 28.997')


 tattoo elements feb 2016

 I am the Landscape. Elements (tattoo)



rock people of sharp tor


 The rock people of Sharp tor (N50°32.222' W4° 27.411' )


ponies at stowe hill edit feb 2017 webPonys at Upper Stowe Hill enclosure


stowe hill feb 2017 webSupernatural rocks and liminal zones at Stowe Hill


stowe hill towards withy bog may 2017Towards Newell Tor from Stowe Hill. Pools of light


gold diggings quarry may2016Gold Diggin's Quarry.


cut me down kerbed slab cairn webCut me down



4 tree copse craddock moor may 20164 Tree Grove  (N50°31.447' W4° 28.523')


hawthorn tree and pool feb 2017 webPools of light  (N50°31.576' W4° 28.638')


 newell tor monolith towards kilmar edge 1 

Monolith.Newell Tor.


newell tor monolith close up 1 web



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