whirlygig beetleApfoot prints pool craddock moor may 2016proximately 50 m North East of the raised causeway, there is a small shallow pool. Banked on its Southwestern side, it is probably a sample hole and originally man made. There are thousands of years of identifiabley human activity in this area of the Moor from the Neolithic onwards.

 I had spotted, what I though was a mound in an area full of earthworks. As  I walked toward the mound, a Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) rose from behind it and flew westward. It was  then that I became aware that there was water of some kind.

The old English name for a heron Is Hragra; Other names include Harn, Hernser and Hernshaw. Heron comes from the French, for the French name is Héron Céndre.

When I reached the pool I looked for the Heron's  footprints. I found none. The Heron had lived up to its “ghost” reputation.

The pool was approximately 10’x15’ and 2’ deep at its center.wha had  the Heron been doing ? looking forFrogs, small rodents or eels. Revisiting a place as reassurance, o part of its pattern.

In the water, Whirly gig beetles ( Gyrinus substriatus) diving for cover. Hunters on the surface or under water. These could be one of 12 similar species found in almost any body of water, mostly in groups. Most species can fly, even taking off from water if need be. Immigrants. Adventurers. Nanotechnologists are interested the beetles' motion within groups as it may provide insights into how groups of robots might coordinate movements.

The strong south westerly wind compressed all surface matter, living or otherwise,  towards the eastern shore of the pool. It  sent the living to seek shelter within the water crows foot that grew at the margins.

I photographed the footprints that I could find unidentified birds, skylarks, ponies, people and dogs. This must be the only free standing water in the local area. A focus point for many animals. I wondered if the Heron came here as part of its regular pattern.heron print boarder web

water crows foot craddock moor may 2016



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