River Arrow at studley april 2015 webWithin the remnants of the forest of Arden in Warwickshire, where I grew up, specific trees or topography were references used as meeting points, or for navigational description. Copse, Hedge, ditch ancient Oak or bend in the River had local names. There was community recognition of these features without any need to quantify why they were special or brown willy landscape webknown. People just knew.

Taking souvenirs from a place  enabled a physical memory to carry the magic of the place away with you when you left. It is still a feature of what I do now. I have a lot of stones.

The landscape of  Craddock moor has been a significant influence and connective for a very long time. The landscape experience of staged  movement, through altered  topography and enhancing perspective. The effort to reach the point, guided, sequenced to build the anticipation, reinforce the relationship. The land is both a personal, and collective experience, built layer upon layer, interpreted as a narrative. landscape isn’t just a visual experience from a specific view point. Locations are a sum of the physical effort  and sensory experiences and waypoints on route, the cultural references and expectation , personal memories and moods.

craddock moor feb 2017 webT S Lethbridge thought that landscapes could be imprinted with emotional events . Static electrical fields hold emotional imprints , "replayed" when decoded by vestigial neurological sensory systems within the human brain. Locations can give feelings., or replay loops of intense psychological events. Lethbridges parapsychology sort to explain "ghost" experience  and the atmosphere of locations, de ju vu. Ghosts. Shadows in the water.

Robert Macfarlaine proposes an active campaign for reclaiming the concept of open wilderness by developing an anti-desecration phrasebook. Preserving and restoring the language of description of landscape to return a culture of value , a phenomenology rather than landscape as a blank space, homogenized canvas as an asset only to be developed in the image of commerce.

We need talking therapy for our perception of the land. Words that re engage the landscape ,and its features, with enchantment rather than cast it in a negative light. A value to its destruction. To slip further from us. An unrealised self harm.

I have imprinted my own layer on the landscape of the moor. My narrative. Walked the paths. Visited and returned to places described here. Sat and watched the ebb and flow of cloud and light. Location as trigger. Sat with “ghosts” of 1000s of people like me. Their own moment of light. Granite worn smooth with the touch of hand or lanolin stained from the scratch itch relief of animals. Connection. Here and now or forever are but one and the same in an eternity. We do dance through eternity. We assemble as an ever changing field. We are the energy collective. Briefly bound by form. Sparks from the fire. Arcing and falling back into the blaze. A flicker of light on a mountainside.

The power of the word to form and translate the sense or feeling. The space between form that defines outlines.

Exposed granite peaks eroded by wind, rain and heat. The shapes constantly change as the energy recycles. I amduloe circle shadow edit web living landscape.

….. and so I walk. I need to escape the interference. The hedgerow bound pastures that restrict. Negativity towards the open places comes from those that gorge on the pastures and the livestock it supports. Awareness has a weight.

I need to get fresh air. Walk. It doesn’t matter what direction. You could find your mind there anyway. Walk. Slowly sync into the rhythm of breath and sounds of footfall. Free from the interference. Reflect.

My procession. The path is always forward, revisited only in memory. Hindsight alternatives.

The wilderness isn’t a place to be afraid of. It is freedom. I place for ideas and journeys.The moor removes static, and lets you focus without distraction.

the other path black and whiteAs I get older, I spend more time on the moor. I like the space. I like the clarity and the familiarity. It’s a head state. Awareness of the weather, visibility, shadows and the saturation of colour. I return to it when I need to as we will all return to the landscape eventually.

I have provided a map of sorts, my own folklore and the banks of a stream of thought you can join if you want.

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