stone 23 holeWhat lives in the hole under stone 23 ?

N 50° 31.405' W 4° 28.997'

What lives in the hole at the base of stone 23? A portal to the pan dimensional rabbit world? Liminal bunnies moving between dimensions. Back to the safety of the burrow womb. At the southern end of the row, I found a sheep’s skull resting, on the first stone. It could have been balanced there a soft flirtatioussheep skull on stone 1 craddock row may 2016 titillation with Magical power, an interaction born of the moment. Engagement to add a part to the long emotional memory of the land at this point. Joining in with the mystery. Be part of the Enchantment. A spiritual “like emoji” on the landscape status.

People who visit this place are committed. This isn’t an easy find - no visitor’s carpark, no 50-yard walk, 700 hippies licking the rocks – this is a tricky spot. As usual though as soon as you see a couple in the row, it is obvious that it was on purpose.

Anyway pan -dimensional rabbits associate themselves with this place and others like it. Tuning into the portal earth energy of 1000’s of years of significance that is not necessarily understood, but respected, and drives a desire to be connected with it.


May 2016










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